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Earlier surveys found 23% of Disney+ subscribers would change their subscription if prices increased 38%, but only 6% actually did. Why do people behave…
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Over the past few decades, Silicon Valley has become a hub for innovation, venture capital, and high-tech startups. Against this backdrop, Silicon…
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An alcohol-fueled fungus has sparked a dispute between a Tennessee community and the famous Jack Daniel's distillery.

February 2023

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Unused gift cards are costing us more than we think, but retailers don't mind.
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Understanding elasticities can help explain why Tesla raised the price of its Model Y by $1,000 after the Treasury Department relaxed its tax credit…
Ice Cream, Super Bowl Hotels, Movie Seats, Chick-fil-A, and Jock Taxes
The Super Bowl is often followed by a big drop in productivity the next day, as employees call in sick, take extended lunch breaks, or simply spend the…